What the Left Gets Right: we are unsafe.

What the Left Gets Right: we are unsafe.

Society has gone mad (I mean that figuratively; I’m not contradicting what I wrote a month ago in my mental-health crisis post) with its obsession with safety the last three years. Masks, testing, track and tracing, censorship of “harmful” information (which the Left conveniently gets to define)—all of this is “for our safety.” You hear this refrain everywhere: “Your safety is our number one priority,” includes places that never used to say that (because YOUR health is no one’s responsibility but YOURS, actually). I don’t know about you, but with all this focus on safety, safety, safety, over the last three years, I’m actually feeling a lot more unsafe than I ever have in society. And no, it’s not because of a virus. I’m more afraid of totalitarianism than I am of illness, and I think you should be, too.

Also, I mentioned in my last newsletter that the police in my city don’t come unless there’s a shooting, and even though, only if someone died. While the Left demands “accountability” from structures and institutions, they have yet to show willingness to be accountable for the results of the policies they demand: one of which is a massive increase in crime, theft, vandalism, and actual reasons for people to feel unsafe. Our alarm went off when no one was home several weeks ago, and the alarm company couldn’t get ahold of anyone who lived at my house, so they called the police. They actually did come, much to my surprise….seven hours later. That’s honestly completely useless in a real emergency. And filing a police report has, I’ve been told straight up by people at the police department, doesn’t really matter as no one has time to read it. If the Left really wanted to reduce use-of-lethal-force incidents, they would be advocating for more officers, not less, since statistics show that the number of officers is inversely proportional to the number of incidents where lethal force is used. I’m not holding my breath for the “institutional racism” crowd to take any sort of individual responsibility for the harm (like, loss of life, not “just” property damage and theft) their policies are causing to explode across the country.

I also mentioned the continuation of the human species like it was a good thing. It is, but I realized that many people might not think so. I didn’t used to myself. And then I left the environmental movement when I kept hearing genocidal language toward all of humanity at practically every “climate action” meeting, on practically every “save the planet” website, and at practically every protest against fossil fuels. Humans are a “cancer” on the planet, a “virus,” the tree huggers said. What do we do with cancer? We fight it, we do everything we can, including poisoning people to death, to get rid of it. And look how we respond to viruses/the rumor of viruses.

And yet it wasn’t until last month that I realized nearly all of my self hatred was taught to me, by people the humans-should-die-to-save-the-planet movement has deeply influenced. My constant, smoldering guilt that I thought was related to who I am, how much I want in life and relationships, my laundry list of things wrong with me, etc. was never about how terrible of a person I am. It was always about how terrible people and their continued existence is. This movement, which now bills itself under great-sounding names like “sustainable development,” wants drastic population reduction, though they haven’t told us who gets to decide who stays and who goes. But they’re already having quite a lot of success: birth rates are collapsing around the world, despite the increasing availability of fertility treatments, even as they are still extreme danger (and exploitative, speaking of threats to women).

The Left is right that we are unsafe; but I don’t hear many people on the right talk about child sacrifice (aka abortion) like it’s okay, speak about humans like their a disease, advocate for medically experimenting on and maiming children who do manage to make it to this planet for life or cover up their harm-causing tracks with disingenuous language like “rights” (while they turn around and mock people for standing up for the actual rights we do have, like freedom of speech, assembly, religion, etc.), “sustainability” and “affirmation.”