What the Left gets Right: society has structural problems, part 2.

What the Left gets Right: society has structural problems, part 2.
Photo by Cai Fang / Unsplash

To pick up where we left off on August 1st, the Left actually isn't advancing a structureless society, though, much as many on the Left might believe they are. The Left also believes that stripping society of hierarchy a) actually gets rid of power and b) will benefit the people they're claiming to be fighting for. But what the Left is actually doing, probably unbeknownst to most of it, is advocating for the most topdown, totalitarian control system humanity has ever seen in the name of satisfying the emotional need to feel safe. That's the logic and inevitable conclusion of the Far Left ideology.

To be clear, the reason that the Left is demanding its structures not be dangerous (they'll say "not be racist") is because our society does indeed have structural problems. There are the ones the Far Left's advocacy have caused: among them being the constant churning of fear, doom, and gloom, the divisive push of identity-based everything, and the demand that reality bend to the "needs" of whatever affinity group has been dubbed the most oppressed for the moment. In addition to those, there is a shadow side of the prosperity the West has enjoyed up until it turned tail and started cancelling itself: gluttonous consumption, lack of true challenge and thus sense of accomplishment in life, a dearth of community and sense of being part of something greater (which the Left contributes to by encouraging self-focus to the point of self worship, a practice that shrinks one's world faster than anything else I know of) due to the illusion of self sufficiency that abundant resources can cause, and a continual searching for rather than pursuing and building on a sense of purpose in life due to an overabundance of leisure time that no one taught us how to properly metabolize.

More governmental control--and by this I mean the things the Left advocates for, like UBI, universal healthcare, free housing, etc.– will not fix these problems. It will instead cause  so many problems, it will vastly eclipse them, and the attending skyrocketing rates of depression, anxiety, suicide, etc., we are presently seeing, especially in the younger generations. The Left's idea of no hierarchy/structure is oppressive creates a cultural and political vacuum only one thing is big enough to fill: totalitarianism. In other words, power of every aspect of life from the economy (including one's personal/family household) to healthcare to education and beyond centralized in the hands of the state (in the name of "sustainability," "inclusion" and "equity").

The Left somehow believes that flattening hierarchies and power systems will be accomplished by centralizing control in the government (which it also claims is and has been racist to the studs from the beginning as if they see no contradiction in their logic). That is, after all, what they're actually advocating for with universal healthcare, UBI, etc. They believe such will end oppression, eradicate poverty, and usher in the long-dreamed-of liberationist utopia waiting just on the other side of socialism if we'd only give it a fair shot.

Whether Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, or Maoist China, totalitarianism has resulted in the deaths of millions of people wherever it has been tried--all of which were before we developed the powerful technologies for total surveillance and control (potentially to the biological and cognitive levels in the coming years with the FDA's recent approval of Neuralink's clinical trials in human beings. I don't know about you, but I don't need to see any more attempts at "real" socialism - that is to say, the sacrificing of millions of human lives - to reject another one. I'll take capitalism, flawed as it is, thank you.

And that will be the subject of our next post.