What the Left gets Right: censorship is bad.

What the Left gets Right: censorship is bad.

Since October 7th, universities across the nation have been the host of "Free Palestine" demonstrations and professors, administrators, and academic bureaucrats have stood in support in the name of "free speech." Reporters, journalists, writers, artists, etc. who have gotten censored or cancelled for their pro-Palestine pieces have taken to social media in droves crying about how outrageous and oppressive the silencing of their voices is. As well they should.

I say that not because I agree or disagree with their views on the Israel/Palestine conflict. That's the thing about free speech - it's not about agreement or consensus or even "safety." I don't have to agree with the students on college campuses supporting Palestine to support their constitutionally protected right to speak; I'm not so fragile that I'll break if something I don't like reaches my eardrums. Of course, the First Amendment does not protect hate speech: free speech is simply the legal right to express ideas, opinions, and information without fear of censorship or legal action from the government. Obviously, we've strayed quite far from that, not least in the last three years...

because of the demands of the very people who are now upset that their own voices are being cancelled. Who create cancel culture? Who weaponized words as actual "violence?" Who has pushed--hard--from every angle of the culture for the policing of language? Who has maimed the definitions of words without ceasing or impunity and emotionally blackmailed our entire society into going along with the coddling of feelings and the warping of reality "required" for "liberation"? The very people who are now raging and crying "oppression" when their opinions get cancelled just as they demanded for the last three years that voices THEY don't agree with be cancelled--except it's not QUITE the same.

Turnabout is fair play, but, for the last three+ years, the Woke Cult screamed demands that voices they disagree with be not just removed from social media but also demonetized, deplatformed, punished, blacklisted, and "re-educated" so they can "feel safe." Those who celebrate the atrocious violence of Hamas or make excuses for the torturing, beheading, and terrorizing of Israeli children because "Israel asked for it" get to pretty much say these things on the nightly news. If a presidential candidate can get on the air and call for Netanyahu to "finish them" then y'all pro-Palestine peeps don't know nothin' about actual censorship. Come talk to anyone who has dared to merely ask questions about the novel injection released upon the world's population in eerie coordination in the last three years. If you can find us.

If you can't, here's a tl;dr: censorship is bad (yes, even if it's being inflicted upon people you disagree with). It makes no one safer, consolidates power into the hands of people who care more about that power than human life, and will not enable you to bend reality to your feelings. The only reason the Woke Cult has so much power over language, and thus the culture, is because of the very freedoms it condemns. The clamoring for censorship is merely evidence of the unwillingness to grow up, take real responsibility for one's emotions, and let go of the infantile grasp for control as if such a thing is possible.